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This is the small print where I deny everything and refuse to take any responsibility for anything. Any opinions given should not be taken as facts & any facts given should not be taken as opinions. As an extra precaution all the really small print is in white text, this is copyrighted .

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Pete’s Pint Pot is dedicated to the home production & sensible drinking of beer, wine, cider & meads plus a little bit of china painting & a few bits of photograph tampering.

If you are affected by any of the articles on this site or any of the issues raised in them, I truly feel very sorry for you.

Finally the sanity clause: As Chico Marx

famously said to brother Groucho,

  “Everybody knows there ain't no

     Sanity Clause!”


Some pages may contain music!

Do not enter this site if you are allergic to nuts!

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Adverts & Other Triviality

Real Ale is Cool ... Keg beer is just cold -CAMRA

Colchester Homebrew Supplies

Sam & Andy Sadler have been running Colchester Home Supplies since February 2009. The shop is shared with their sister company Astra Despatch Ltd. From the pictures below you can see it is a right little Aladdin’s cave of homebrew treasures.

Colchester Homebrew Supplies

C4, The Seedbed Centre

Wyncolls Road




Telephone: 01206 854457

Fax: 01206 854457


Vincent Vincent plus flowers


A couple of unusual Flowers

Vincent Twice, our vegetarian Venus Fly Trap, which I DID NOT BUY, is in flower. Does this insect eating plant rely on insects for pollination?

I thought I’d also slip in a photo’ of me Mum’s Rhubarb which flowered last summer, note that it is good practice to remove these flowers as they take goodness away from the stalks.


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British WINEMAKERS may find this link of some slight interest,


Just copy & paste the above line into your browser. It also gives a link to


I like this quote best:-

“Do keep it clean when bottling. If you don’t want to come down in the morning and find that your demijohns have exploded all over the kitchen, painstaking sterilisation is a must.”

The first sentence makes sense to me but the second one? Perhaps they bottle their wines in demijohns & seal with a really tight cap! Perhaps they mean “painstaking sterilisation is a must” refers to them! Seems like a very good idea to me! Is their use of “must” an intended pun?


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During 2008 the German Anita Schwarz  tried to return the “Most beer steins carried over 40 metres” record to Germany but failed the first time after doing 19 beer steins! Luckily, the Guinness World Records Management team then decided that her merit of carrying an amazing 19 beer steins was impressive enough to award her the record based on a new category “Most beer steins carried over 40 metres - Female”.

The judges dismissed an appeal by a runner-up who claimed she had forgotten the packet of Schweinefleisch scratchings.

For the absolute ULTIMATE in masochistic clothing, available in most sizes, shapes & colours & suitable for most sexes visit our fantastic web site at  www.velkroknickers.co.uk now while our prices are lashed!


Will the persons who have pointed out to me that some of the adverts appearing here are not genuine, please let me know which ones are dodgy so that I can investigate &, if they are found to be untrue, remove them.


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